In Memory

Nancy Jacobson (Dunlap)

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02/12/10 02:33 PM #1    

Elizabeth Heuer (Restau)

So sad to hear of Nancy's passing. So many lost and so many years!

06/20/10 05:27 PM #2    

Marty Traudt (Rolle)

I was so sorry to hear that Nancy had passed away.  I didn't realize she had died and I really liked her at school.  How sad.

Marty Traudt Rolle

07/01/10 11:42 AM #3    

Pam Savery

Updated and photo added 5/19/2020

Dear Friends,

Nancy was one of my best friends from grade school through college and beyond. We met at church in about third grade, when her family joined Southminster EUB where classmates Sue Hitz and Diane and Doug Moser's families also were members. 

She was a bright and ambitious student, always finishing academic programs in record time, and facing life challenges with strength and a beautiful smile. She and I both lost our moms early in life and understood each other on a deep level because of that shared sense of loss.

At Irving Junior High, we formed a foursome of inseparable friends with Sue Hitz (Moraczewski) and Deb Dohman (Ryckman) requiring at least two attempts at every recipe when we shared a kitchen in Home Ec one semester (poor Mrs. Johnson).
We usually dropped something on the floor because we were laughing so hard. (Or maybe it was the other way around.)

We also shared weekly Friday movie nights, roller skating, and slumber parties where we had great fun imitating teachers into a small tape recorder and playing bits back to each other. We found this endlessly entertaining. And we shared all the mysteries and wonders of growing up together.

Nancy graduated from UNL, and received her law degree from the University of Kansas. She was a member of the Kansas and Missouri Bar Associations.

I lost touch with her through much of her married life when she moved out of state, but loved seeing her last at our 20th Reunion in 1990, including the Sunday picnic with her two young children, Kristen and Alex attending with her. She was an attorney then, working with the Kansas City area legal system in child support enforcement.

She died at 43 in a small private plane crash, along with three friends who were vacationing together. The accident occurred July 10, 1995, near Hot Springs, Arkansas.  I will always miss her. 


04/20/22 11:33 AM #4    

Pam Savery

As reunion time draws closer, I wanted to post these photos of Nancy. Meant to do this earlier...  I have a picture of Nancy and her kids from our 20th reunion which I'll try to locate and post later... Pam Savery

1. Nancy, early elementary school

2. Nancy and family - parents Paul and Jean Jacobson, Carol, Nancy, Shirley and Billy, about 1963

3. Nancy with Jr. High friends Sue Hitz Moraczewski, Deb Dohman Ryckman, and Pam Savery

4. Nancy, LSE Senior Portrait, 1970

5. Nancy - 4 generations with daughter Kristen, father Paul, and grandfather



04/21/22 06:33 AM #5    

Kathleen Quist (Allen)

Beautiful memories and tribute to Nancy, Pam.   Thank you for sharing.

04/21/22 02:25 PM #6    

Pam Savery

Thank you, Kathy.

04/21/22 04:17 PM #7    

Ann Nordstrom (Lachowiez)


     It was extremely thoughtful and caring of you to post such a lovely tribute remembering Nancy , your friendship and her life. Kathy Quist I am very sorry to hear about your husband 's death; as well as the sale of your  well known and successful business.   

04/22/22 07:49 AM #8    

Kathleen Quist (Allen)

thanks, Ann......... yah, kind of a double gut punch.......but, life happens..     it certainly HAS been an emotional roller coaster.......

04/22/22 02:21 PM #9    

Pam Savery

Dear Ann and Kathy -

Thank you both for your kind words. Ann, I hope this finds you and yours well!

Kathy, I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your husband last year and the sale of your business. Glad you still have connection to the kennel business you established and loved.

Life throws us these inevitable curves. Give yourself time to navigate them. Looking forward to time with our classmates soon!

Best Wishes, Pam

04/23/22 11:17 AM #10    

Susan Hitz (Moraczewski)

Pam--thanks for the post and photos...brought back many wonderful memories from church, Irving, and LSE. Nancy lived a short, but remarkable life. I regret that I didn't keep in touch.

Kathy and Kirk--my condolences on your recent losses. 

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